Jingle Bells

A message from Mrs Nimmo

Dear Year 3 Parents,
This term students have been given one piece of music (Jingle Bells) to master. I am impressed with how well most students are already able to play this piece on recorder and the enthusiasm with which they are learning to play it on ukulele.  On Monday 18th November, all students will be assessed on their ability to play Jingle Bells on the recorder only.  Please ensure your child is prepared for Monday's lesson with their recorders and music folders.     
Please email me if you have any questions. 
Many thanks,
Pippa Nimmo
Year 3 - 6 Music Specialist  Our Lady of the Cape Primary School

Prayer Assembly

Dear Parents, it is our Prayer Assembly this Friday starting at 2.10 p.m.We have been learning the Rosary during the month of October with Mrs Tutt and Mrs Degaris from our parish. The children are going to explain it to the rest of the school.

Thank you for returning your Laptop notes to Mrs Johnson so promptly. She was very appreciative and says to pass on her thanks to you.

I have an unusual request. We are currently learning about different celebrations around the world. The children have created scrolls about China however I am having difficulty finding chopsticks to display them. If you have any spare chopsticks at home that you no longer want could you pleas send them to school with your child. They will only be used for display, not for eating with. Thank you!!!

Have a great Week 5.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy

Week 8

Dear Parents, the weeks are flying by and here are some important dates for you for the remainder of Term 3.

Wednesday (11th September) - Year 3 Jumps. Your child will need to wear their Faction t-shirt please.

Today your child will bring home a note regarding the shoeboxes that we pack and send away at the end of term. All the details are on the note but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me. The children will be working in groups so they are only asked to bring in one item. Thank you for your support as this is a very special project at O.L.C.

Week 10 Monday 23rd September :  You are invited into the classroom with your child to look at some of the work that they have produced this year. Further details and times will be in the newsletter.

Have a great week.
Kind regards,
Paula Murphy

Week 6

Dear Parents, our assembly is approaching fast so here are some further details for you.

The children have either been given a part and will dress to match their character  OR are asked to come dressed as their Dad, either his occupation or his hobby. If they would prefer to just come casually then we ask them to wear jeans, t-shirt/ jumper and joggers please.
The children will need to bring their sports uniform to get changed into after the assembly.
Our assembly is next Friday 6th September!!!

This Friday the children will need to bring their pieces for their Stop Motion Movie that we are currently doing with 3Mc. If you discuss this with your child they will be able to explain it to you.

REMINDER: Your child should be exchanging their Reading Book on a regular basis. I have noticed some children are not doing this and I have explained how important it is to them. Thank you for your  ongoing support in the classroom.

Have a great week.
Paula Murphy.

Term 3 Week 5

Dear Parents, I am just touching base to let you know what will be happening in the next few weeks. It's not to scare you but give you the opportunity to plan ahead.

Week 5- Book Week this Friday dressed as a Book Character.

Week 7- Year 3 combined Assembly (Friday 6th September). More details will follow but the dress requirements will be very simple.
Week 7- Jumps (Wednesday 4th September)

Week 8- Throws (Wednesday 11th September)
Week 8 - School Photos either Thursday or Friday (12th or 13th September)

Week 9- Athletics Carnival (Thursday 19th September)

As these events get closer I will send out more details.

CRUNCH and SIP : Could you please pack a small amount for Crunch and Sip as the break is taking a lot longer than 5 minutes? Thank you.

Have a great week.


Mission Market Stall

Good afternoon 
We will be celebrating the OLC Feast day on  15th August. 

On the day, we will celebrate a Mass for our feast day, which you are welcome to attend.

We will also celebrate with our annual Mission Markets with all money raised to support the Caritas mission.

Year 3's will be hosting the 'Throwing Stuff' stall! Students will play an assortment of games w, during which they will win a prize. If you are available to help in the running of the stall on the day, please let me know as it would be greatly appreciated.  To help with prizes for the stall, please send in before Friday 9 August 2019;

1 packet of wrapped chocolates ( Freddo Frogs, Mars Bars, Boost etc....)
Thanks for your support
Paula Murphy

Term 3 Week 2

Dear Parents, the children have settled back into their routines really well after the holidays which is great to see. In Years 3 and 5 the children will be doing a Bishop's Literacy Assessment online next week. If your child comes home asking questions about the Bible or Jesus and his life that is probably why.
There are some children who need to bring in their extra stationery supplies as they have run out. Could you please check with your child if you know you still have their extra stationery at home.
Thank you to the parents that have volunteered to help in the classroom. It is very much appreciated.
Enjoy this burst of sunshine and have a lovely week.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.


P&F Plate Fundraiser
Plates are available for collection from the Office for those who requested plates be made.

Mission Markets Our annual OLC Mission Markets-  celebrating Our Lady of the Cape Feast Day-  are fast approaching (Thursday 15th August - Week 4). I will send details later this …