Reconciliation Commitment Mass and Workshop

Good afternoon parents.
This term we are undertaking the Sacrament of Reconciliation and your children have commenced learning about and preparation for this Sacrament.  The majority of the preparation occurs within school time, although there are two sessions that are required to be attended prior to the Sacrament.
Reconciliation Workshop - This will be held on Tuesday 4th August beginning at 5:30pm in the Hall. This workshop includes activities that involve you and your child working together on a number of small activities.  Attendance at this meeting is compulsory for those students that are receiving this Sacrament. If you and your child are unable to attend, you will need to make an appointment with Fr Ian to go through the program.  If your child is not receiving the Sacrament, you and your child are more than welcome to join us.  Please let me know if you will be attending for catering and logistical purposes.
Reconciliation Commitment Mass - As has previously been communicated, …

Term 3 Week 1

Dear Parents, Welcome back to Term 3. I hope you all had a lovely holiday and enjoyed the activities that you  had planned.

Thank you for restocking your child's pencil case over the holidays and returning it to school.

Next Friday(31st July) there will be a Commitment Mass in the hall at 10a.m. for the Year 3's and Year 6 classes  at 10 a.m. If your child is going to be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation this term you will either need to come to the Mass on Friday(if possible) or otherwise attend a weekend Mass as part of your commitment as parents. Unfortunately we can't have it at the church due to the Covid 19 restrictions that are still in place regarding numbers.

The dates are still not set in stone so we will have to wait to see exactly when the children will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Your child should be bringing their homework book home as Homework has started for Term 3. The homework format will continue as for previous terms. Please encoura…

Week 10 Term2

Dear Parents, it is hard to believe that we are the end of Term 2.

This week there is no Maths homework but there is still spelling each night and Reading please. The children are handing their Reading books in at the moment as there will be a stocktake over the holidays. They can just read a book of their choice from home for this week please.

I will send your child's pencil case home with them at the end of the week so that it can be washed and replenished for the start of Term 3 please.

I wish you and your family a relaxing and fun holiday together.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Term 3.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.

Week 7 Term 2

Dear Parents I cant believe it is Week 7 already. The children have all settled back into school and the classroom routine.
I would ask you please to encourage and support your child with their homework. It is really important that they are doing their spelling words, maths and reading 4 nights a week to help them learn and retain the strategies.

Your child may have brought a new Footy tipping form home with them today. We are continuing on from Round 1 and the form for this week needs to be handed in no later than Thursday. The children have chosen whether they wanted to be apart of the Footy tipping or not. Unfortunately they are only releasing fixtures for a month at a time.

Just a reminder that the children have recorder on Tuesdays and need their Music file and recorder at school.

Thursday is book exchange day so they need their library bag please. Now that they are in Year 3 they are allowed to borrow 3 books at a time. They really do love this time of the week.

I hope you have a…

Week 4 Term 2

Dear Parents, as we return to our normal classroom routines and learning the children will need to make sure that they are bringing everything to school with them please. They are slowly getting back into the classroom schedule.
If your child has spare stationery supplies at home could you please send them to school so that we are able to access them when they are needed. Thank you.

Just a reminder of our Specialist days and what the children will need.
 Tuesday - Music file and recorder.
 Thursday- Library bag for book exchange.

Homework is happening and your child should bring home with them  their homework book with their weekly learning grid inside. They should also have their spelling words and mental maths homework sheet.
They will need a reader that I encourage to be exchanged on a regular basis. Thank you for your support.

We are continuing to use the Seesaw app in the classroom for different activities. If you get a chance ask your child what to show you what they have posted…

Week 3 Term 2

Dear Parents, Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums in 3Mu. I hope you are having a lovely day being thoroughly spoilt by your child/ children.
This week the online learning will continue for the children that are still at home. In the classroom I am following the exact timetable as you.

Click here to access the online learning schedule.

The children are really keen to be able to take Busy Bee (our Spelling ) award for the week home. I have asked them to return it by Wednesday so that it allows me to wash it before it is sent home with another child.

Enjoy the sunshine while you can and have a great week.

Take care.

Week 2 Term 2

Dear Parents, thank you for all your effort and hard work this week with your child. We had an interesting start to Term 2 and everyone did really well with the change in their learning. We completed some amazing activities and I saw lots of fantastic work.

Week 2 will continue the same for you if your child is still learning from home. If your child is returning to school can you please ensure that they bring everything back to school that they took home especially their pencil case, recorder, reading book, homework book. Thank you.

If you are having any problems with working from home could you please contact me via email so that I can support you during this time.

The children have become very independent with getting themselves to and from the classroom and I am extremely proud of them.

click here to access the learning sequence for Week 2.

Enjoy your week. Take care of yourself and each other.
Paula Murphy