Week 3

Dear Parents, I hope you were spoilt by your children on Mother's Day and you had a wonderful day.

Here is the schedule for NAPLAN over the next 2 weeks:

Wednesday 15th May - WritingThursday 16th May - ReadingWednesday 22nd May - Language ConventionsThursday 23rd May - Numeracy. Today Entertainment books were sent home. If you do not want to buy it, it needs to be returned to the classroom by next Monday 20th May.
Enjoy your week. Kind regards, Paula Murphy

Term 2 Week 2

Dear Parents, welcome back to Term 2. The children have settled back really well and are back into routine. This term starting from tomorrow your child will be bringing home extra Spelling words which are their personal words taken from their journal writing. Please look out for these words as it is a new concept for the children.
Over the next  two weeks (Week 3 and 4) on Wednesday and Thursday morning the children will be doing their NAPLAN assessments. Your child doesn't need to feel anxious or concerned as we have been doing sample NAPLAN and they are very familiar with the process. We are treating it as another form of assessment. If you are able to keep their routines the same and we will do the same at school.
Thank you to the parents that are helping in the classroom. The children have really enjoyed having you in with us.

Happy Mother's Day to every Mum in Year 3Mu. I hope you have a beautiful day and that you are spoilt by your amazing child. Being a Mum is such an h…

Week 10!!!

Dear Parents, thank you for your attendance at the parent interviews. I really appreciate you taking the time to meet with me. I find the 3 way interview really valuable and enjoy sharing your child's progress with you. You should all feel incredibly proud of your child for their hard work and effort this term.

During the holidays could you please check to see if you have any stationery at home as some children are starting to run out of supplies.

Thank you to the people that have paid $12 for Reconciliation. If you haven't could you please finalise this before the end of the term.

Sight words are being tested at the moment so if your child is ready to have them tested please see me or Mrs Annert in the morning during gathering time.

PARENT HELP; I am looking for some parents that would like to help next term on a Thursday morning from 11.20- 12.00 in Maths. You would be asked to take a small group of children but it would all be planned and support will be given to you. If yo…

Oops!!! Reconciliation Follow Up!

Dear Parents, thank you again for your support for Reconciliation. It was a beautiful ceremony and I was so proud of each of the children. During the process of preparing your children I completely forgot that I was meant to ask for each child to pay $12 to cover the cost of the badges, certificates and cake.
We will be celebrating this Friday as the children will be receiving their certificates at assembly and also sharing the cake. Can I please ask that you get the money to me A.S.A.P.? I apologise in advance for my oversight.
I hope you have a great week and I look forward to catching up with you during Parent Interviews this week.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy

Harmony Day Activity - Origami box

Today as part of our Harmony Day activities, we made origami boxes. Some of the students were having so much fun they wanted to continue making them at home.  Here is the video we watched to help make the boxes......

This video came from the origami fun website, which also has a page with step by step instructions to make the box and other fun origami pieces.

Have fun
Mr McSevich and Mrs Murphy

Week 8 -Reconcilliation

Good afternoon Year 3Mc Parents and welcome to this this very important week in our faith journey.

Arrival Time & Dress - Please be at the Church by 5.20pm. 

Your child is to be dressed in smart casual clothing. Upon arrival they will show you to your seat. Please be mindful that some of the pews are quite small so it will be for immediate family only (parents/siblings). There will be room in the choir loft for additional family members.
All students have a part to play in the service so please ensure they are seated in the Church by 5:20pm to enable them to prepare themselves for their part in the service.  

Prayer Buddies - All prayer buddies are expected to attend...please let me know via email if you are unable to attend.  

Rehearsals - We will be walking down to the Church on Tuesday from 11.30. This will help the students to feel confident in their preparations so they know what to expect.

During this time we will do the Examination of Conscience in which we ask the students to th…


Dear Parents, next week on Tuesday 26th March we will be walking down to the church to allow the children to do their Examination of Conscience leading up to receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We will leave after recess and the children will take their lunch with them. We will eat our lunch together at the church. Please note that your child will not be able to order their lunch from the canteen on that day.

Footy Tipping: Today your child may have brought a footy tipping sheet home with them. It is not compulsory but just a fun way during the footy season. I have explained to the children that they need to cross out the team that they think will not win. The team that is left is the winning team. I will explain it again tomorrow in case the children didn't fully understand. There will be weekly prize of a mars bar. If you do not want your child to get a mars bar, please let me know and I can provide a different prize.

Swimming: The children have been absolutely amazing. It …