Dear Parents, next week on Tuesday 26th March we will be walking down to the church to allow the children to do their Examination of Conscience leading up to receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We will leave after recess and the children will take their lunch with them. We will eat our lunch together at the church. Please note that your child will not be able to order their lunch from the canteen on that day.

Footy Tipping: Today your child may have brought a footy tipping sheet home with them. It is not compulsory but just a fun way during the footy season. I have explained to the children that they need to cross out the team that they think will not win. The team that is left is the winning team. I will explain it again tomorrow in case the children didn't fully understand. There will be weekly prize of a mars bar. If you do not want your child to get a mars bar, please let me know and I can provide a different prize.

Swimming: The children have been absolutely amazing. It …

Swimming Lesson Update!

Dear Parents, the swimming lesson arrangements have change and these are the update details for Monday 18th March.

The children will now have Crunch and Sip at school earlier than normal. They will then have an early lunch before they go to the swimming pool. They will need to take their recess with them to the pool and also their drink bottle. If they could have separate swimming with these items in that would be wonderful.

They still need to wear their bathers under their sport uniform and wear joggers to school. They can however bring thongs to wear to and from the pool.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy

Maths Information!

Dear Parents, today I have sent home with your child a login card for them to do Mathletics at home. It is not compulsory but it will help your child revise concepts that have been treated in class. I have set the area of Place Value. The children will have an opportunity to do some Mathletics in class time but possibly only one session per week of 15-20 minutes.

Sight words have also been sent home and should be in your child's homework folder. The sight words need to be read and spelt correctly. As we have swimming next week the turn around for the sight words will be a little longer. Your child if they are ready can be tested in Week 8.

Swimming for 3Mu is next week (Week 7). We will leave school at 11.30 and return at 2.15. Your child will have their crunch and sip and morning tea at school. They will take their lunch to the pool as they have a break between their lessons. They will need to have a separate small bag for their lunch which needs to be labelled please. They will …

Money, Money, Money!!!

Dear Parents, just an update to let you know what is happening in 3Mu. Currently in Maths we are working with money doing both adding and subtracting amounts. The children have each been given a bag of real money to help them with their working out and understanding of the concepts. They seem to be enjoying Maths but most importantly showing a good understanding. Please encourage your child to add or subtract different amounts of money.

NO Spelling homework this week as it is a short week and also due to Ash Wednesday Mass we were not able to run our usual spelling PLD groups.

During the season of Lent the children will be trying to do something extra each day. They will choose it at school and then complete the task. It may be as simple as "Telling Mum or Dad that they love them".

REMINDER: Please bring in your 2 boxes of tissues if you haven't done so yet. Our supply is very small.

Harmony Day.  March 29th 2019. Dear Parents, We need you….. On the 29th of March the stud…

Parent Information night.

Dear Parents, thank you to everyone who attended the Reconciliation Committment Mass on Saturday night. The children were amazing and I was incredibly proud of their participation in the Mass.

This week  (tomorrow night) Tuesday 19th February we have our Parent Information night. Year Three session starts at 6.30 in the hall and will then move to the classroom at 7 p.m. If you are unable to attend could you please let me know. Thank you.

The children are settling into a great routine during Gathering Time and I am very impressed with how independent they are. It has been a really smooth start to the school year.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy

Homework Schedule!

Dear Parents, today your child will bring home their spelling words for Week 2. They need to spell these words each night. You can vary the way that you do it to add variety and make it fun. Some suggestions are: spelling the words out aloud, writing the words on a whiteboard or blackboard (if you have one), making the words using magnetic letters etc. The children will be doing Look, Cover, Write Check in the classroom.

The Mental Maths book will operate as: Monday- strategy
                                                                  Tuesday- Part A
                                                                   Wednesday-Part B
                                                                    Thursday- Part C and the challenge section if they would like to have a go.

Reading should be done for 10 minutes from Monday to Thursday. The children need to be changing their book regularly.

Homework should not take any longer than 30 minutes a night.

We had a fabulous first week in…

Reconciliation Workshop and Commitment Mass

Good afternoon parents.
This year, the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be undertaken in Term 1.  Your children have commenced learning about and preparation for this Sacrament.  The majority of the preparation occurs within school time, although there are two sessions that are required to be attended prior to the Sacrament.
Reconciliation Workshop - This will be held on Wednesday 13th February beginning at 5:30pm. This workshop includes activities that involve you and your child working together on a number of small activities.  Attendance at this meeting is compulsory for those students that are receiving this Sacrament. If you and your child are unable to attend, you will need to make an appointment with Fr Ian to go through the program.  If your child is not receiving the Sacrament, you and your child are more than welcome to join us.  Please let me know if you will be attending for catering and logistical purposes.
Reconciliation Commitment Mass - This will be held on Saturday 16th …