Parent night Information/ Homework

Dear Parents , this week I have included the Power Point that I presented at the Parent Night for you to read especially if you were unable to attend. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Parent Information Night Slides

Parent Information Night Slides

Today your child was given their first Homework Grid sheet explaining what they need to do. It is glued into their homework exercise book along with their Mental Math sheet. They are required to do Spelling, Mental Math and Reading each night Monday to Thursday. The homework in Year 3 should not be any longer than 30 minutes ( if your child is on task)

If you have not returned your child's swimming form could you do so A.S.A.P.

Enjoy your Week 3.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy

Welcome to 2020 School Year.

Dear Parents. your child's first day in Year 3 is over and they did remarkably well especially after our long holidays. I look forward to getting to know you and your child better throughout the year.
The following information about 3Mu is to help you know what is happening and when.

Tuesdays- Indonesian and Music{your child will need their recorder and music file for their first lesson tomorrow.}

Wednesdays- HASS {in the library with Mrs Meyer}
                      Science- swap with Mr McSevich.

Thursdays - Physed ( Mrs Sinclair) teal sports shirt.

Fridays- SPORT ( faction sports shirt)

Thank you for having your child's books and supplies at school . If there has been some delay with  your book order can you please let me know.

I hope you have a fabulous first week.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.

Discover Deadly Excursion

Dear Parents, this Thursday 5th December we will be going on our excursion with 3Mc to "Deadly Discovery". We will leave school at 9.30 and return at approximately 1.30.
The children will need to wear their sports uniform with their teal top please. It is going to be very HOT so they will definitely need their school hat, a water bottle and sunscreen before they come to school. We will reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

This week for homework your child should still be doing Spelling and Maths if their Mental Maths book is not completed. Could you please check at home for Reading and Library books?
Details for our free excursion will follow later in the week.

Enjoy Week 8.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.

FREE EXCURSION- Wheelie, Walkie, Waste-Free Wednesday!!!

Dear Parents, the excursion is happening on Thursday 12th December at X-cape to the Cape.
I will be asking for volunteers to come to help but I will send the permission note out next week so that there is no confusion between the joint Year 3 Discover Deadly Excursion. We are all very excited!!!

St Vinnies Christmas Appeal- If you have still not contributed to the appeal can I please ask you to send in a toiletry item with your child A.S.A.P. Thank you for your contributions.

HOMEWORK: this week the children should be doing Reading, Spelling and finishing off any Mental Maths that they haven't done.

Enjoy your Week 7.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy.


Dear Parents, I'm sure that you are aware  that 3Mu won the Wheelie, Walkie, Waste-Free Wednesday competition. We have had a class vote and now I need to get the finer details to see if their choice is possible. I will keep you posted.

St. Vinnies Christmas Hamper Appeal: Our year level has been asked to bring in toiletries to make up a hamper. Thank you to those people who have already contributed. If you are able to get your item in by the end of next week that would be fabulous.

I hope you have a fabulous week.

Kind regards,

Jingle Bells

A message from Mrs Nimmo

Dear Year 3 Parents,
This term students have been given one piece of music (Jingle Bells) to master. I am impressed with how well most students are already able to play this piece on recorder and the enthusiasm with which they are learning to play it on ukulele.  On Monday 18th November, all students will be assessed on their ability to play Jingle Bells on the recorder only.  Please ensure your child is prepared for Monday's lesson with their recorders and music folders.     
Please email me if you have any questions. 
Many thanks,
Pippa Nimmo
Year 3 - 6 Music Specialist  Our Lady of the Cape Primary School

Prayer Assembly

Dear Parents, it is our Prayer Assembly this Friday starting at 2.10 p.m.We have been learning the Rosary during the month of October with Mrs Tutt and Mrs Degaris from our parish. The children are going to explain it to the rest of the school.

Thank you for returning your Laptop notes to Mrs Johnson so promptly. She was very appreciative and says to pass on her thanks to you.

I have an unusual request. We are currently learning about different celebrations around the world. The children have created scrolls about China however I am having difficulty finding chopsticks to display them. If you have any spare chopsticks at home that you no longer want could you pleas send them to school with your child. They will only be used for display, not for eating with. Thank you!!!

Have a great Week 5.

Kind regards,
Paula Murphy